Your Travel Toolkit (Basic Things Needed When Traveling)

Vacations can be fun when you plan right, or disastrous due to avoidable packing mishaps like going to the Caribbean without a swimsuit or getting caught in an un-stocked rest stop.
Every vacation starts with planning and having the right travel toolkit can turn your trip into an epic adventure.

Having a flashlight in the dead of night or having paper-maps that can guide you without the need for cell services can prove invaluable and adventurous.
Regardless of your travel destination, we have compiled a list of basic things needed when traveling.
  • Paper Maps: Cell service is not available everywhere and is quite unreliable, a paper map is a basic necessity to ensure you always find your way whenever you get lost.
  • A Pen & Pencil and Notebook: This could be valuable when jotting down an epiphany, or leaving a note.
  • Spare Money: In most places of the world, cash is still king, and particularly for parking tolls.
  • First aid kit: Ensure you have the basic supplies like antiseptic, safety pins, bandages, and band-aids.
  • Flashlight: The importance of this tool can not be overemphasized. In case of an electrical mishap or car battery malfunction in the dead of night, these tools can keep you sane and safe. Tips (Buy two, this means two have a spare)
  • Toilet Roll: Getting caught in an un-stocked rest stop could be messy, always have this tool in your checklist before embarking on your journey.
  • Water-Bottles: Staying hydrated when you are stranded is crucial to survival. Be sure to carry water-bottles on a warm summer trip or in case of emergencies
  • Phone charger/USB cable: This is an essential travel kit in case of a flat phone battery.
  • Camera: Pictures they say, speak a thousand words, and vacation experience is incomplete without some dazzling shots either on horseback, snorkeling, or snowboarding.
  • Hand Sanitizer: Not everywhere or everything you touch is hygienic, it is best you accompany yourself with some hand sanitizers to keep those germs away.
  • Anti-Inflammatory/ Painkiller: We are hate cramps while traveling it is neither comfortable nor fun. However, having this wonderful toolkit in the bag would save you from recurring cramps.
  • A Swiss army knife: This is a must tool for every traveler, a multi-tool can be extremely helpful in a lot of daring situations.
  • Swimsuits: This is an absolute necessity when you are visiting the Caribbean. You do not want to look odd while strolling along the beach.
  • Gloves: Depending on your travel destination especially if you are going to cold regions, this is an absolute necessity.
  • Insect repellent: Again, depends on your travel destination, having an insect repellent could save you a trip to the emergency ward.


You may need all or none of the following items listed below depending entirely where you are headed.
  • Glasses/sunglasses
  • Guidebook
  • Emergency contacts
  • Electronic chargers
  • Birth control pills
  • Hiking/athletic shoes
  • Socks/stockings
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • dental floss
  • Brush/comb
  • Shaving supplies
So there you have it, the Basic things needed when traveling to turn your vacation into an epic experience.

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