Fun Places To Travel With Kids To

Planning a vacation can be difficult especially if you are bringing kids along. Certain factors have to be considered to ensure safety and perfect jaunt.
Ella Davies, a New York-based writer and mom of 4-year old Smith who shared her family travel experience said “I was terrified and confused before our first flight, but now we have visited more than 11 vacation destinations together and had incredible fun. What I realized is kids, want to see the world too, have fun, eat fun snacks and spend time with the people they love, and as always their safety comes first.”

These family vacation destination offers great benefits for kids and will turn your trip to an adventure.

Dubai United Arab Emirates

Dubai is a global tourist destination that offers great packages for family tourism.
A city of amazing architecture, fancy cars, it also features adventures tailored for kids.
The Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project is a sanctuary where kids can feed a three-foot-wide turtle, or be mesmerized at the Dubai’s massive musical fountains.
Dubai is home to the Middle East’s largest waterpark, and an aquarium holding more than 65,000 amazing creatures.
Camel rides and dune-bashing are also some of the fun kinds of stuff to be had outside the city limits.

Paradise Island, Bahamas

This paradise features 141 acres of water attractions including splashers, 50,000 sea creatures, and a free night family movie.
Parents are allowed to make custom orders for their kids’ needs and care, CPR certified babysitters and a luxurious Mandara Spa. This place is ideal for a family who loves water activities.
There are usually great prices during the fall months.

Sesame Place

There are so many fun-filled activities for kids ages 2-7 and a special pool for babies and toddlers measuring 10,000-square-foot.
Let your kids be wowed by Sesame Street characters, a 21,000-square-foot playland, dazzled by Elmo’s world and character shows and nine tot-sized water rides.
This family-themed recreation is affordable for a family on a budget and the best time to visit is usually from May through late October.

Highland, New York

This resort offers an all-inclusive package like childcare for nursery kids under the age of 4, custom meals and in-room babysitting.
The kids would fall in love with the impressive indoor and outdoor activities abound like the wagon and pony rides, tubing and ski programs for toddlers and babies, and the Big Splash Indoor waterpark.
This resort is suitable for a family on a budget and is open all year-round.

Loews Coronado Bay Resort

This secluded private island offers great vacation experience because of its close proximity to the San Diego Zoo, and Sea World attractions which are just minutes away.
The resort features a special door sign that notifies housekeepers not to disturb sleeping kids, potties, play yards, and custom food upon request.
Steam blowing playground, animal shows, kiddie pools, and a Silver Strand State Beach for castle building is part of the highlights.
You can get great deals during fall months, and open all year-round.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

There are lots of family-themed attractions and playgrounds in the city like the ARTIS-Amsterdam Royal Zoo, The Pulitzer Amsterdam, the NEMO Science Museum, and the National Maritime Museum.
A 13,000-square-foot courtyard, hand-carved rocking horses and wide-open garden areas for tag or tummy time is a great place for family recreation.

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