Cheapest Countries For Summer Holidays

Looking to spend quality summer vacation but your budget is not smiling at your heart desires? You’re not alone.
Finding the Cheapest countries for summer holidays is quite a task but if you look in the right place at the right time, you might just steal a good deal.

We’ve compiled the cheapest countries for summer holidays that will turn your trip into an unforgettable experience.

Kingston, Jamaica

Kingston, the Caribbean capital full of untapped rich culture and an impossible aura to resist.
Kingston is the heartbeat of Jamaica tourism, the experience here is found nowhere else, and for a much cheaper rate.
From sunup to sundown there’s a rhythm rocking the streets from the Bob Marley Museum, Jamaica Music Museum and the recently opened Peter Tosh Museum which rounds off the great musical offerings.
The recently opened high-speed highway connecting Kingston to Ocho Rios in the north where the new S Hotel in Montego Bay offers sublime beach experience.
And as a parting gift, ride through reggae music history as you depart from Sangster International Airport

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon offers a rich cultural history, sumptuous cuisine, great wines, incredible architecture and one of the most affordable European city to spend summer vacation.
19€ gives you 24-hours Lisbon city pass to everything from historic monasteries, modern museums, transportation including elevator lift up the steep city hills and rides on Lisbon’s scenic tram cars.
Lisbon offers a great family vacation package with lots of fabulous aquarium and science museum on the waterfront and a real castle for exploration.

Barga, Italy

Barga is a medieval town that seems to slow time, taking you through the rich cultural history of old-world Italy where wineries are still run by family members and mama cooks for everyone.
The Duomo di San Cristoforo atop the town offers scenic views and great food.
Tour at the Podere Concori, a biodynamic winery famed at cultivating the purest of products is a lunchtime highlight.
Accommodation is relatively affordable compared to other European cities.

Valparaiso, Chile

Valparaiso, Chile is a UNESCO World Heritage Site also known as the jewel of the pacific.
The incredible street arts and bohemian beat on every street keep the adrenaline pumping.
Exploring local life at the plazas and parks such as De La Victoria and Sotomayor, and Italia will leave you stunned.
One of the highlights includes a ride in one of the eight funiculars to the top with incredible views from Pleasant Hills, Cerro Alegre or Cerro Concepcion where poets, musicians, and artists flock.
A stroll through the beach or a visit to La Sebastiana, the home of the legendary Chilean poet Pablo Neruda will leave you inspired.
There is relatively cheap accommodation for less than $100 where you will enjoy complimentary service.

Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey is considered one of the oldest civilizations in the world.
Istanbul is the largest city in Europe with a presence in Asia divided by the Bosphorus. There is so much to admire in Turkey the incredible architecture, food, wine, art, culture, and history.
Visits to the ancient Roman ruins of Ephesus, horseback riding, and riding hot air balloon overseeing the UNESCO World Heritage Site is just an unbelievable experience.
There’s just so much about Turkey that you cannot possibly capture in words except you see for yourself, and now more than ever, it is safe and relatively affordable.

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