Affordable Spa And Wellness Centers Around The World

The luxury of having a massage, facial or just soaking in a hot bath and letting the steam evaporates your worries is one great way to relieve stress and feel rejuvenated.
A Spa resort is expensive but there are a few exceptions where you can get the amazing deal and world-class services without breaking the bank.

Below are the top 7 most affordable Spa resorts and wellness center around the World.

Risley Hall Hotel – Derby, England

Spa resort in the Uk is relatively expensive but there are a few exceptions if you look hard enough.
The Risley Hall Hotel sits comfortably in 10 acres of private landscaped grounds.
This elegant 11th Century Country manor features a state of the art Aqua Health and wellbeing Spa.
A team of on-site therapist provides a variety of beauty and healing treatments.
Additionally, the Risley Hall Hotel, features a large swimming pool, jacuzzi, steam room, hydrotherapy, and sauna.
Accommodation per night ranges from £45 excluding treatment.

Hotel Merkur – Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia

Hotel Merkur located in the beautiful town of Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia is a modern facility specialized in the diagnosis, rehabilitation, and treatment of digestive disease and diabetes.
With state of the art relaxing thermal mineral bath-rooms.
The Hotel Merkur is a combination of state of the art medical centers and nutrient-rich in thermal waters that offers exceptional value.
Diagnosis and medical treatment range from €45 a night.

Hotel Azúr – Siófok, Hungary

Hungary is filled with thermal springs and wellness centers throughout the region.
The historic spas of Budapest host multitude of people, but the coastal town of Siófok is a great alternative that offers exceptional value.
The four-star hotel in the region offers a great accommodation option and access to one of the largest wellness centers in the region.
Some of the spa services offered include thermal water baths, aroma room, infrared sauna, salt room, and steam baths.
Accommodation for a night is usually around €50 excluding treatments.

Nahrawess Hotel & Spa Resort – Tunisia

The Nahrawess Hotel & Spa Resort has an impressive 83 treatment rooms, hydrotherapy pool, and Turkish bath.
There is no shortage of spa in the region, with over 20 affordable wellness centers dotted along the coastline.
This is a wonderful spa location with the abundance of Thalassotherapy ( a healing therapy using seawater and algae)
Accommodation per night ranges from €24, not including treatment.

El Ameyal Hotel – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The El Ameyal Hotel – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is an excellent choice for a great and affordable Spa resort.
Situated in a popular resort town, the El Ameyal offers a variety of Spa services including nutrition counseling, detoxifying, steam treatments, and mud baths.
Accommodation per night is usually $65 excluding treatments

Patara Prince Hotel & Resort – Turkey

Patara Prince Hotel & Resort, Turkey situated in the old fishing town of Kalkan is home to ancient ruins and the longest sandy beach in the Mediterranean.
This is an idyllic travel destination where you will find great priced Spa resort.
The Patara Prince Hotel & Spa features a beautiful view and good range of Spa services including sauna, Turkish bath, pilates studio, yoga and variety of massages.
Price for accommodation per night is usually €25 not including treatment.

Hotel Laguna – Anjuna, Goa, India

Hotel Laguna is a unique Spa resort located close to the famous Anjuna Beach.
Highlights of the resort include a large lagoon-like pool, health center, Spa where you will be treated to mud-baths, massage rooms and Ayurvedic treatments galore.
Price for accommodation per night is usually $45 excluding treatments.

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